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Last summer, I ordered a couple of lengths of your metal banding for my kitchen reno. I thought you might be interested in seeing the finished product. :) I wasn't going for a completely 1950s kitchen, but did want to bring in some elements, so I used the banding as trim along the bottom edge of the cupboards. And I think that the trim, along with the turquoise colour and the checkerboard floor, give a nice retro feeling. I didn't find a lot of companies that were selling this type of trim, so I was very happy to find you. And am very pleased with the end result. Thanks.

J. Watt
Nova Scotia, Canada

Our metal banding as seen on the show "Flour Power".

We wanted to have a professional photograph taken to display the beautiful chairs your company made for us. We color matched the base coat on the table tops to the oyster white and used the yellow as an accent color. I painted these myself after I saw a movie about the famous artist Jackson Pollock. We LOVE them!

The Candy Bank
Mandeville, LA

I finished installing them last night. Everything is done with the exception of a few trim pieces. Everything else looks very nice and I am very pleased. Thanks for all your help.

P. Wukasch
New Braunfels, TX

Here are some pictures of our DIVINE DINER. Please feel free to use them. (Photos feature 939 CBWF Chairs in Burgundy Zodiac, Hollywood Series Booth, and BGA-225 Table Top with a Red Glacier Boomerang laminate.)

T. Hellmuth
Scarborough, Western Australia

Danielle, I thought I would just let you know our shipment has arrived safe and sound. We had so much fun unpacking the furniture and setting it up. Thank you so much for all your hard work in helping us to achieve our vision. I would send you an invite to the soft opening, but it’s probably a little too far to travel ; )

Kindest Regards

Cruisy Days Diner
Oxford, New Zealand

The chevie bench turned out beautiful. THe trailer should be completed soon and we were able to covert the bench perfectly. It was a pleasure, and Heffrons is great. Thanks!

S. Simmons
Willis, TX

Here is a what I bought the trim for, I restored this vintage medical cabinet for my Bride , the trim really finished it off! Thanks,

R. Bell
Nolanville, TX

We finished our project. Your trim is perfect! (Customer purchased 3 pieces of the E-625-BD Metal Banding).

P. Power
Salem, OR

SECNY sent us a photo of their display set up at the New York State Fair. Featured in the photo is a V-4300 Vintage Series Booth in Burgundy Zodiac, along with a 30" x 42" BGA 125 Table Top with Red Glacier Boomerang. Both purchased right here at A Moment in Time Retro Design.

SECNY Federal Credit Union
Syracuse, NY

The road may have taken longer than we anticipated, but well worth it. It came out exactly as I had envisioned. Thank you for your part in making that happen.

M. Bender
Yorktown, VA

Everything arrived safe and sound. Thanks! (Photo Features: Coke Ribbon Single Booth, 32" x 44" BGA 125 Table Top in Retro Renovations Delightful Jade, and B Series Base).

J. Murray
Branford, CT